Colorado Springs, CO – 10 April 2019 – The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), announced that VOX Space and its partner, Virgin Orbit, are among three teams that have qualified to compete in the DARPA Launch Challenge. In a press conference held at the 35th Space Symposium, DARPA announced that an initial field of more than 50 contenders had been winnowed down to only three, selected on the basis of their technical and regulatory progress towards delivering a highly flexible launch service applicable to a variety of US government needs.

The DARPA competition will award multiple prizes of up to $12 million each to qualified teams who complete multiple launches to Low Earth Orbit on very short notice. Further details and requirements are still being finalized by DARPA.

VOX Space President Mandy Vaughn said, “We’re proud that we have qualified as a contender in the DARPA Launch Challenge. At VOX Space, we believe that responsive launch capabilities are key to advancing our nation's space architecture. We love how systems like ours — and those of and our customers — are shifting the U.S. government's approach to launch.

 Vaughn continued, “LauncherOne was built to provide affordable, outrageously flexible and responsive launch to space —that’s one reason why we and our friends at Virgin Orbit have such full launch manifests. We look forward to watching this DARPA Launch Challenge evolve, and figuring out how we might make those launches work with our other customers schedules — and how to make the challenge as beneficial for the national security space community as possible.”

Kendall Russell